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The Southwest Michigan Innovation Center team of professionals and community partners will work to ensure that you receive the knowledge and support you need to successfully operate your business. We are pleased to offer you our experience and our confident voice before, during, and after your time with us.  Your success is the measurment of our longevity.

We've Got the Money!

The Southwest Michigan First Life Science Fund is a limited partnership venture fund interested in early stage life science opportunities in the region that have demonstrably viable technologies. The $50 million fund invests primarily in early stage life science companies with a presence or committed to establishing a presence in southwestern Michigan. The fund's primary goal is to spur economic development and retain intellectual capital within the region. Not only does the fund provide equity investment to entrepreneurs, but also offers support services in the areas of industry expertise, regulatory strategy, reimbursement planning, exit strategies and early stage business systems. In addition, the SWMF Life Science Fund has access to a uniquely positioned and committed network that is able to give direction and strategy to start-up companies as they grow and develop. For more information on the fund, please contact Patrick G. Morand at 269.377.0597.

Pre-Seed Fund

Pre-Seed Capital Fund MicroLoan Program
Pre-Seed Capital Fund Due Diligence Checklist

The Michigan Pre-Seed Capital Fund supports high-tech start-up companies as they near commercial viability by providing access to early-stage capital to accelerate company development. Supported by a consortium of Michigan SmartZones, these funds will extend the personal investment of entrepreneurs during the critical stage when they are developing their businesses to the point of readiness for outside investment.

The fund targets companies throughout the state that are creating the newest technologies in the following competitive areas:

• Advanced automotive, manufacturing, and materials
• Alternative energy
• Homeland security and defense
• Life sciences

Accelerate Michigan Innovation Competition

The Accelerate Michigan Innovation Competition is an international business plan competition which highlights Michigan as a robust and vibrant venue for innovation and business opportunity. The competition fuels innovation-based business growth by uncovering the best and brightest new business concepts from local and global entrepreneurs, exposing those opportunities to potential investment capital and fostering their growth within Michigan.

The Accelerate Michigan Innovation Competition targets mid-to-late-stage business start-ups with potential to generate an immediate impact on Michigan’s economy, as well as student concepts with longer-term business viability.

With more than $1 million in cash winnings, plus in-kind awards of services, staffing and software, the Accelerate Michigan Innovation Competition is the world’s largest business plan competition.

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