Emiliem, Inc. Announces Joint Venture with Pandesa Corp.: Elara Bioscience, LLC

Emiliem, Inc. announces a Joint Venture established with Pandesa Corporation named Elara Bioscience LLC. See The roll-out of ToxPlatformTM a comprehensive infrastructure designed to integrate all relevant and available chemical-toxicity resources, with functionality to be broadly applicable to human health from chemical exposures will be under the auspices of Elara Bioscience.

The platform will be rolled out in three phases. Phase I, available now, is powered by a ”bank-grade” security transfer and communication system that provides secure information sharing available on-line, anywhere and anytime with 24/7/365 service. The technology is fully validated, is used by many large companies and individuals in several different business and science domains, and supports both the PC and Mac platforms. Features include: organization of key data and reports into searchable PDFs, secure information transfer during due diligence or multi-site reviews, and data and report sharing between CROs and client companies. Phase II will have direct applicability to environmental chemical exposures and will be specifically designed to support California green chemistry initiatives. By the end of 2012 it will have broad applications in the environmental toxicology field. Phase III will be applicable to the field of drug safety and adverse drug reactions and will function as a comprehensive tool for drug discovery and development; it will be available in 2013. It will be an innovative, comprehensive system for predicting human drug toxicity or safety throughout the drug discovery and development process. The system will include chemical motif predictions, metabolic estimates, PK simulations, and pathway analysis from expert systems. Available data will include information on potential patient populations and susceptible individuals to enhance virtual safety design. Innovations will enable a predictive process that can take the theoretical drug directly to the bedside and back during the design phase of drug discovery. The system will continually incorporate knowledge from new technologies.

Date: October 5, 2012

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